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Why The Good Exchange is Better Option for Charitable Funding?

In today’s digital age, charitable organizations take the help of many technical tools for charitable funding and fundraising. Today many big companies donate to various organizations at their level. There are usually different systems supplied by different companies and demons, each with its own distinct associated processes and objectives.

The fundraising process is not so easy by any organization, for which charitable organizations have probably completed and submitted many grant applications and tried to drive awareness through fundraising programs like social media, charity websites, and crowdfunding platforms. So that more people can join the organization and help them in fundraising.

All technology used in fundraising should work together as an ideal to achieve efficiency. This will not only reduce complexity but will also facilitate communication and fundraising. Digital tools should also be introduced to new opportunities for collaboration between like-minded organizations and individuals, which will prove to be helpful and useful in closing the money gap in the country.

By revising its fee charge structure, The Good Exchange Fund has now become a new online platform for donors. Since October 1 it has decided not to charge organizational funds and individual donors, instead of it now funders and donors will benefit from fundraising activities.

Digital Matching is a charity owned platform that connects funders and donors together for good causes. In June it added a new functionality of WhatsApp so that people can alert each other to fundraising projects. It had previously charged a platform service fee for donors and donations that was linked to funds raised through the platform, but now the charity sector and users decided to make this service free for those donors who donate for good cause.

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