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Risk Involved In Using Third-party Video Streaming Apps.

We all know about Authorized platforms for online video streaming which include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube Premium, etc. But apart from this, there are other unauthorized third-party platforms like Showbox Apk which allows users to watch unlimited videos and movies on the go. Authorized platforms are those where users have to pay monthly or yearly subscription charges to stream videos. But unauthorized platforms provide services the same as authorized platforms for free.

In old times, there were limited means of watching movies and TV shows like movie theatres and television. But today technology has evolved a lot, now many entertainment platforms are available, including both authorized and unauthorized ones. 

Premium services are safe for use, but if you use third-party video streaming apps it can affect your smartphone or tablet with malware. When you install the app on your smartphone it may ask for some permissions. If you allow them then they can control your device’s data and your personal information. This malware allows hackers to access your contacts, passwords, and bank accounts details.

A third-party app is an application software which is made by someone other than the authorized developer of a mobile device or its operating system. Apples ‘Apple AppStore and Google ‘Google PlayStore’ are the two biggest official app stores. You can visit these app stores and download applications for Android or iPhone devices. Each distribution platform includes its native apps – For Apple, there’s ‘Apple App Store’ and for Android users, there’s ‘Google Play Store’.

Both platforms include millions of third-party apps created by other developers. These third-party apps work on iOS and Android devices. Third-party app stores cannot implement the same level of scrutiny of the apps they list, compared to official app stores. However third-party app stores can also provide a lot of secure and user-friendly applications. But there are chances they might offer malicious apps to users.

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