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Reinforcing Andean Cultural Identity

Thumbnail image Dancers from the Patacancha valley celebrating the opening of CATCCO in 1997  All CTís projects have contained significant archaeological elements and the Trust has worked with local communities and the Peruvian National Institute of Culture not only to investigate and protect the many ancient sites in the areas where we have worked, but also to restore some of these as a heritage resource for the future.
space Thumbnail image The Archaeology section of the CATCCO museum. In Ollantaytambo in 1996, with European Community and UK National Lottery funding, this cultural component took physical shape with the establishment of CATCCO Ė the Andean Centre for Traditional Technology and Culture of the Communities of Ollantaytambo. Located close to the townís main plaza, the centre was dedicated to the history, traditional culture and technology and the environment of the area. Community representatives from all over the local District met to discuss the workings and content of the centre. It was decided to install a small museum and local people contributed items such as weavings, ceramics and agricultural implements. The background histories to these objects were recorded. The Centre included a pottery workshop, rooms for community meetings and also became home to a womenís weaving co-operative.
space Thumbnail image The Yacu Raymi festival in Andamarca. CATCCO was officially opened by HRH Princess Anne in December 1997. The Centre was the embodiment of a key aim in all of CTís projects - the retrieval of traditional knowledge and technologies, and the demonstration of how important it is to strengthen and give a contemporary value to Andean culture, promoting the participation and organisational capacity of local people and protecting their inheritance as an integral part of the patrimony of Peru.