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How Digital Technology Is Impacting The Charity Sector

Technology is increasing day by day. It changes the world with new technologies. More than one technology is being seen every day, many of the best cutting-edge technologies that have revolutionized the field of technology, including the development of mobile, automation, AI and blockchain, etc., are uplifting the entire industry.

Today every region is part of the digital world, but a recent report by the charity Digital Skills found that 50% of charities do not have a digital strategy. Because even today most donations are made offline. The main reason for donating offline is for the charity to be a traditional industry like the auto industry, relying on tried and tested methods to connect people to good causes.

Currently, most donations are made through traditional sponsorships, such as mass sponsorships (such as marathons) to receive the vast majority of donations. Most charities use this method of fundraising, because, this is the only way where doners or givers feel most comfortable.

However, this approach is now outdated by the charity sector, which needs to be changed. Now the technology sector has become quite extensive, it is creating countless opportunities for businesses and charities looking forward. There are many tools of online payment available today, using the most pressing, payment platforms, that blockchain and cryptocurrency can now be employed to process fast and secure donations.

According to a recent survey has shown that most of the charities which are digitally focused have increased their productivity and efficiency to get vast donations with the incorporation of digital technology. Here are some major developments that have mostly positive effects to gain traction in the charity sector.

  • Increased fundraising – The advancement of technology has made a way for people to donate much easier. The recent report has seen a 600% increase in donations by incorporating digital fundraising processes.
  • Better rate of engagement – Digital technology helps to an increasing the number of people through social media. You can directly interact with them. Digital technology also helps in engaging existing beneficiaries, volunteers, and supporters for donating to your charity.
  • Use charity apps to facilitate donations – Charity apps helps donors to make the process of donating a lot easier.
  • Creating more awareness – Digital technology has given many advanced tools for promoting awareness. For attracting donors you should create more awareness through social media.

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