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5 Ways Charities Are Using Technology To Help Funding Efforts

According to the 2016 Charitable Giving Report, only 7.2 percent of individual donations in the UK are made online. This figure is surprising in the field of mass internet access and the digital world. From this, it can be deduced that the charity is yet to use new digital technologies that can maximize their reach to the people

However, now the field of digitization has started to increase compared to before. And now the technology is also being used by a series of charitable organizations for the purpose of increasing donations, improving campaigns, and building strong relationships with supporters. We can say that this is beginning to change. But how, and by whom do it?

But how, and by whom do it. Technology is one of the first priorities that can help with the vital act of funding promotion.

Provide Alternative Payment Option

Provide alternative payment options, this helps donors to improve their donation rates. The report states that by adopting digital funding, you can increase your overall donations manifold. For example, PayPal and Apple Pay have been adopted by many charity groups to provide seamless payment options.

Create Charity Mobile Apps

Mobile apps provide a way to keep users close to the charity and provide information related to it, this will allow a wider number of people to connect with your charity and also tell others. Mobile applications enable users to have continuous access to people on personal devices, allowing the flow of information between them. It also helps its supporters to understand their organization and interact with the organization to help them make donations.

Social Media

Social media is the best platform for promoting your organization. You can share news, campaign information, and stories of your charity to a mass audience. So that more and more people will join your charity and also help in raising funds. Many charities are using social media more and more to reach new audiences because they need to inspire their audiences to do fundraising or act in real life.

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